Engage and listen

With incubatize, activate multi-level, all-inclusive engagement

Direct your people towards more productive behavior in a systematic way.

Clear communication

Ensure that business goals are communicated and understood company wide.

Seamless top-down integration

Let individuals precisely understand how they affect the corporate strategy.

Spotlight innovative people

Engage employees’ strengths, passions, experience, and ground knowledge.

“…a highly engaged work force… maximizes a company’s investment in human capital….”

-Harvard Business Review analytic services report, The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance

Align teams with goals

Align team and individual goals with broader organizational goals

 Get your workforce to focus on ideas that matter to the business. 

Better managed goals

Focused effort

Sense of ownership

“Goals correlated to the broader strategy direct the creative energies and efforts of people”

Build innovation culture

Create a culture where employees are engaged in key innovation behaviors as a part of their daily work

3 easy steps of incubatize will help your people innovate as part of their jobs.

ideas on the move

Empower your employees to capture business focused ideas anywhere, anytime.

and nurture ideas

Let your employees connect, improve and build multiple ideas. 

ideas that work

The powerful IPA scoring system objectively assesses the potential of each idea.

“Having a clear path to innovation leads to greater levels of innovation”

With incubatize, what can you do for your business?


Develop happier, more productive employees


Drive business success through constant innovation

Create a nimble, responsive organization


Incubatize isn't just for a few

It works for all types and sizes of businesses




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