Less like software. More like idea book.

Simplicity of incubatize drives adoption among users so that you can have more actionable ideas for all your business goals

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Keep multiple teams focused on goals.
Let them achieve faster, better results.

Goals clarify business objectives helping your employees come up with more viable, focused and actionable ideas and reducing time spent on random, unfiltered and vague ideas.

Quick capture

Capture ideas as they arrive.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Every idea brings with it the promise of infinite possibilities. With quick capture, everyone can record all of their thoughts in a snap. Later they can convert them to ideas or goals.

Idea stream

Every idea from everyone in the organization.
See them all in one place.

Idea stream is the space where everyone in a team can collectively share, discuss, comment, nurture, refine and rank all of the ideas. It is THE creative space that you have been looking for all the while.

IPA ranking system

The most logical yet simple way of ranking the ideas in the stream.

IPA ranking works on three key variables to evaluate every idea: impact on the goal, practicality of the execution and alignment with organizational value system.


In a million good ideas, find the big ones.

Idealytics makes it easier to sift through many ideas find the big ones. Giving handy information to decision makers about the most powerful, most practical and most impactful ideas against each goal.

Business class security

Designed to match the highest data security standards.

An idea is the intellectual property of your organization; we keep it safe, secure and encrypted in our cloud servers. We do not read the data, neither do we let any unauthorized one read it.

Courageously simple

Built on the principles of minimum software.
No technical help or installation required.

Purposefully made simple software, devoid of frills and unnecessary features so that your people can adopt and use incubatize almost instantly, without any hassles. 

With incubatize, what can you do for your business?


Develop happier, more productive employees


Drive business success through constant innovation

Create a nimble, responsive organization


Incubatize isn't just for a few

It works for all types and sizes of businesses




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